I had this up elsewhere and just found out the site I had it on became a different site and kind of sucked. So I spent today putting it up on youtube.

Apologies in advance, the 4th & B in San Diego is basically a cinderblock box and more about the Snoop Dogg (who played a couple nights after this) and less about the spoken word. Also I shot this on my then newly acquired iPhone 4, and didn’t realize at the outset the manner of Herculean feat it would be holding it steady for 17 minutes.

All that being said, we managed to catch all three performances of this (w00tstock Portland & SDCC 2012, and the panel performance at SDCC itself) and it’s really a great little piece on writing and life and Stiltman’s taint.

Enough of that. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Matt Fraction’s presentation of “Batman Dreams Of Hieronymus Machines.”

As mentioned earlier. Thanks, Chad.