Stop Whining About Instagram

^^ Inevitable backlash-to-the-backlash post.

I get the point here, I know this Gizmodo post will get views, I respect the hustle, but I hate these kind of “GROW UP AND BE REALISTIC IT’S CAPITALISM” type of posts. Because, yes, it’s capitalism, and guess what - capitalism also includes a) making PR and marketing mistakes, b) doing dickheaded things, c) being busted for them by customers, d) customer backlashing etc etc. Sometimes that can bring down a business - I don’t know if it will this time, but it can.

I sometimes get the feeling the tech world hates the idea of this, I don’t know why they should. B-b-but it was free, they aren’t really customers, they should be GRATEFUL. Dude, who’s whining now?

Also, this is INSTAGRAM. Instagram is the poster child of the very rapid, app-driven user take-up model. It is a service founded on people seeing something cool (a filter effect, usually) thinking “that’s cool” and copying it. So is it really that outrageous to imagine it might then be vulnerable to people seeing something uncool, thinking “that’s uncool” and copying the outrage?

Live by the network effect, die by the network effect. It might well not happen to Instagram, but it’ll happen to someone sometime and a tech writer will wring his hands and we can all say “It’s capitalism, man”

All of this.

Gizmodo — all of Gawker, really — is the worst sort of pageview journalism. Hell, I think Gawker may have invented it.