So apparently I’m a racist because I reblogged a story with a beautiful message, that was attributed to Native American Wisdom, but was actually made up by white people in the early 20th century.

I don’t really understand why this makes me a racist, but since a whole lot of people are making the accusation, I guess it’s my white privilege blinding me to something obvious.

It was never my intention to be insensitive or racist. I thought the message of choosing to focus your life and your energy on positive, loving things instead of angry, hurtful things was a good one. I also stand by what I added, because it’s essentially a core value I hope I’ve passed on to my children: I’m only 40, but I’ve lived a lot of life in these years, and I’m convinced this is true. The wolf you feed attracts similar wolves, too, so choose wisely.

I take great offense to being accused of being a racist, but I’m not posting this because I feel like I have to respond to every bit of criticism. I’m posting this because the message reblogged by about 92000 people comes from a story apparently isn’t what people thought it was, and accuracy matters.

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    This is so fucking stupid. There are no white or black people there are people that predominately produce more or less...
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    It sorrows me to see that there is a fight going on over racism here. Although, I feel compelled to present my race...
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    I honestly have no wholesome image of Wheaton. I’ve never watched an episode of Star Trek: TNG in my entire life, never...
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    “Whoa now, let’s calm down and try and take a step back and look at this reasonably from a non-subjective standpoint” In...
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