Notes on the bottling of the HefeWheaton

  • Lost about a gallon to trub. Not sure how that happened. I haven’t lost that much in a long time.
  • Much more pale than I wanted. I was going for 10 SRM, but it’s closer to 5 SRM.
  • Too early to know, but I don’t get any clove in the beer. There’s a faint hint of banana if I look for it. 
  • Looks like it’s about 5.1% ABV. 
  • This is going to be drinkable, for sure, but I’m not sure it’s going to be what I was hoping for.
  • I think I may have collected 1 gallon too much from the mash tun, which is why the SRM is lower than I wanted. 
  • I’m sure the lack of clove flavour is from the fermentation temperature. I understand that WLP300 gives clove close to 70, and I struggled to keep fermentation below 80.
  • I’m a little hard on myself, I know, because I was comparing my just-into-the-bottle brew with Mission’s Bavarian Hefeweitzen.
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    In my experience, WLP300 produces clove phenols closer to 60 degrees rather than 70. Once you hit near 70 you get more...