Fred Phelps does not believe what he is doing. This is a scam. It’s a business. They travel the country, set up websites telling you exactly when they’ll be there, and using the most inflammatory statements all over the place, just to get someone to violate their rights for profit. Then they sue the military, the police force that was to protect them, and everyone that is around them for money. This is a sham, and it is a trap to get people sued. Every member of his family is an attorney. Phelps does not break the law. What he does is try to make you break the law by trying to punch your sensibilities about everything you hold dear, and then sue you and everyone municipality around him to the max. This is a scam.

Fred Phelps is a Con Man

You guys realize that the Westboro Baptist Church just exists to provoke people and get them to assault its members, right? Ignorezies, Ignorezies, Ignorezies. Unless you’re the IRS. In which case, AUDITZIES.

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