Dear Listeners,

My husband Jeff has been sick with a mysterious illness for several months. It’s not so mysterious any more. My man, my best friend, my partner-in-crime for 16 years has cancer. All. Fucking. Over. Lungs, brain, liver, bones.

We’re at the hospital. He is a warrior. We are…

Discovering Zoe’s music on JCCC3 was truly wonderful. Her haunting and beautiful compositions have been the soundtrack to at least 50% of my creative output over the last year. She is a truly unique artist and gave me the all too rare gift of being surprised by music - a new kind of music that I didn’t even know existed. In this age of 1000’s of pieces of disposable content flying past your eyes and ears every single day, learning that real artists are still putting their blood and souls into creating something substantial, joyous and original is such a delight. 

This news is heartbreaking, and Zoe deserves your support. I’ve purchased every track she’s made available, and I will continue to do so as long as she sees fit to create music. I strongly suggest you do the same. Not just because it may help to ease her family’s new burden, but because it will make YOUR life better to have her music in it. 

This breaks my heart. I love Zoe as a person, and as a musician.